Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to NOT carry your scythe

(with rough translations)

One afternoon, Cosme was a little bit "lit up" when he left the tavern.

He took his scythe he had left at the door...

... and as he began walking, he liberated a captive pig.

While lighting his pipe, the scythe was stuck into a magnificent cheese.

The owner shouted to reclaim it.

Always cheerful, Cosme came to a wheat field...

... in which his scythe, being dragged, caused some real damage.

He put it on his shoulder and... cut in half a beautiful sheet put out to dry.

A neighbor, seeing Cosme arriving drunk, slammed the door...

Without enough time for her dog to get out to the street.

Cosme, unaware of this, cut the poor animal...

Then he destroyed a pear tree, and then a plum tree, etc., etc.

Passing under a window, he became entangled in a large canvas hanging from it...

... which gave Cosme an appearance that was truly macabre...

... at the sight of which, all fled in terror.

Cosme finally managed to get home and into bed, where his dreams shaped to be nothing less than "Mr. Time", responsible for cutting the threads of existence.

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