Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Whetstone Holders

These whetstone holders were made by Alexander Vido using scrap materials. Shown first is a one-piece design cut from copper pipe. The bottom was bent and soldered to make it watertight.

This next design uses a section of bamboo, with an attached clip.

The bamboo was cut just below a joint (node), to result in a watertight container. A clip was made from a scrap of metal attached with a bolt, but a longer strip of metal or wire could be bent into a flat "S" and attached through a hole, or a belt loop could be made with a piece of cord (or wire) looped through a small hole.

Bamboo would be an obvious local material for whetstone holders in many areas of Asia.

[Link to earlier post showing an improvised whetstone holder.]

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