Sunday, May 9, 2010

Italian peening anvils

The Rinaldi company, located in Northern Italy near Bergamo, has been around for over 200 years and forges a range of hand tools including scythe anvils and hammers.  Most of their scythe anvils can be used directly in the ground, instead of in a stump or wood block:

Item 701 is a narrow-faced peening anvil with a "step" for hammering into the ground.

Item 702 is a narrow-faced anvil for use in the ground, with a broader head, Veneto type, without a step.

Item 703 is a wide-face anvil for use in the ground, Soresina type.

Item 705 is a narrow-faced anvil for use in wood, Bergamo type, with a step.

Alas, these anvils are currently not available in North America.

(Source:  Rinaldo Rinaldi Faustino F. LLI & C. snc - Via Magnavacca, 14-24012 Brembilla (BG) Italy,

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  1. they are available in the US now though along with new scythes from Falci.