Monday, May 17, 2010

Peening Blocks

To encourage the local use of scythes, periodically I will organize a group purchase of scythes (cheaper by the dozen) and host a free workshop on scythe sharpening and use.  This year, I used some scrap 6-by-6 lumber to make "peening blocks", two-piece portable peening benches.  

For peening jigs, an 11" upright piece and a 15" seat work well.  For longer peening anvils, I turn the upright piece onto its side and use a 15" length of 4-by-6 wood for the seat. (A couple pieces of scrap 2-by-6, nailed together, would also work as a seat.)

Using a longer upright piece with a chair or stool might be more comfortable, but would be less stable and less portable than these simple peening blocks.